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Bitcoin, NFTs, and Gold, What Do Experts Choose?

Huibert-Jan van Roest, Paul Buitink, Patrick van der Meijde and Rens de Jong (from left to right)Image © RTL Z Crypto
In RTL Z Crypto we look weekly at everything that has to do with investing in cryptos. Is it something you have to look at as a long-term investor, is it an indispensable technology for the future or is it mainly a gamble? This week's three experts share their ideas and discuss current events.

Like every week, the price of bitcoin is under scrutiny. Best bitcoin has taken a big plunge. Is there panic in the crypto market due to the enormous volatility?

In addition, presenter Rens de Jong zooms in with the three experts on the message from the president of El Salvador to use bitcoin as legal tender and the response of the IMF to this. IMF expresses their objections. There would in fact be major risks to financial stability, financial integrity, consumer protection as well as the associated tax obligations. According to the experts, is the IMF right?


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