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Health again extends the restrictions in Fuensalida

Between epidemiological weeks 36 and 37, 46 cases of Covid-19 have been declared in Fuensalida, which represents a contagion rate in the last 14 days of 404.6 cases / 100,000 inhabitants. The town has been with special measures since August 23

The Ministry of Health, through the Provincial Delegation of Health in Toledo, has extended the special measures in Fuensalida for another 14 days, to contain the expansion of COVID-19.
On August 23, 2020, the Health delegation issued a Resolution agreeing on Special Measures in Public Health in the town of Fuensalida as a result of the epidemiological evolution data in the municipality in order to safeguard the public interest and prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
Subsequently, the Health Authority agreed to extend the measures previously adopted by means of a Resolution dated September 6, 2020.
Between epidemiological weeks 36 and 37, a total of 46 cases of Covid-19 have been declared in the municipality of Fuensalida, which represents a cumulative incidence rate in the last 14 days of 404.6 cases / 100,000 inhabitants.
For all this, it is proposed to maintain and rigorously apply the following measures:
Regarding the actions on leisure venues, the closure of retirement homes and collective centers of recreational and cultural societies stands out.
In bars, restaurants, and similar hospitality establishments, the capacity will be reduced to 50% of the maximum previously established for consumption inside the premises.
The terraces of bars and restaurants will reduce their capacity to 75% of the maximum that they had previously established, maintaining at all times the rest of the measures established in the regulations in terms of safety distances and grouping.
Regarding the socio-health centers, we proceed to the precautionary closure of the activity in the day centers, to the suppression of social visits in residences for the elderly, sheltered homes for the elderly, and social health centers. The entry into these centers of people outside of them will be limited to what is strictly necessary.
Exits of residents will not be allowed except for reasons of force majeure (exits for health care, or inexcusable public duty). Upon re-entry, they must remain in quarantine for 14 days with PCR at the beginning and end of quarantine.
Workers who join nursing homes and sheltered homes after their vacation period will be carried out, as a step prior to their incorporation, a PCR to rule out Covid-19 infection.
Regarding religious activities in the social sphere, all religious celebrations will limit the capacity to 50% of their usual capacity, as long as interpersonal distancing measures are maintained.
We proceed to the restriction of the number of people in funeral wakes and processions (maximum 10) and the restriction of the number of people in social events such as weddings and baptisms (maximum 25).
As complementary measures, we proceed to the suspension of sporting events with public attendance promoted by the City Council, by associations, clubs, or by individuals. Your authorization may be assessed in the case of being carried out without public attendance.
Maximum capacity of 50% is established in cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums, in Libraries, Museums, and visits to monuments.
Hotels can only hire 75% of their capacity. The use of its common areas will be limited in its capacity to 50%.
The municipal swimming pool and other recreational facilities of this type for public use are closed regardless of their ownership.
Building block community pools may not exceed 25% of their capacity.
Bullfighting shows may be held with a maximum capacity of 50% of the previously authorized.
Street markets and outdoor markets are suspended.
In stores and other commercial establishments, hygienic and sanitary measures will be taken to the extreme, limiting the number of people at any given time according to the possibility of maintaining the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 meters within the establishment.
Hand hygiene with hydroalcoholic gel should be performed at the entrance of the establishment.
Supermarkets and shopping centers will limit their capacity to 50%, maintaining the same hygiene conditions provided for small businesses.
Citizens are advised to limit social encounters outside the stable coexistence group and that social encounters be limited to a maximum of 10 people.

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