Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Beijing closes Winter Games with no corona cases

Beijing has closed the Olympics with a day without corona cases. The organization announced that more than 65,000 tests were carried out on Sunday among the remaining participants in the Winter Games. That only yielded negative results.
In total, China has conducted more than 1.85 million corona tests since January 23 on athletes, coaches, officials, journalists and other stakeholders who were within the closed 'bubble' of the Games. Foreigners were immediately tested upon arrival at Beijing airport. All participants had to be tested daily during their stay in China. It yielded a total of 437 positive results: 265 at the airport and 172 in the 'bubble'. 98 cases involved an athlete and 87 a team official. The other 252 cases are other 'stakeholders', as the organization describes it.

The Winter Games officially ended on Sunday. The Dutch athletes who have been in action in recent days will arrive at Schiphol on Monday afternoon. The medal winners will be honored immediately in Amsterdam



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