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Luka Doncic, for the story: half lame, 43 points and triple on the horn to beat the Los Angeles Clippers

The Slovenian, who made his peace with Harrell before the game, played despite his ankle injury and put on a new display

Luka Doncic is 21 years old. It is worth remembering after each of his amazing exhibitions. Those that he does in the full physical condition and those that, like tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers, he performs half lame, with his ankle in sovereign suffering after injuring himself just 48 hours ago. With a triple from Slovenia, (half lame, we repeat) on the horn, to tie the series against the last MVP of the Finals. Nights for NBA history.

The Slovenian led the Dallas Mavericks, who have managed to tie the first-round series of the Playoffs at a very balanced 2-2. In a tie that seemed less competitive than what has finally been shown. In some meetings in which Doncic has emerged as the superstar that he could be, but that he already is. Now in the Orlando bubble.

Dallas got off to a bad start, who couldn’t count on Porzingis and was down 20 in the second quarter (55-35). But he recovered in a great third quarter from Doncic (13 points and five assists) and pressed at the beginning of the last period, with the former Real Madrid on the bench. That’s where the secondary players appeared, almost as necessary as the stars: Seth Curry (15 points), Trey Burke (25) and Tim Hardaway (21).

The three kept pace with Kawhi (32), Lou Williams (36) and the Clippers until Doncic’s return, who with two consecutive triples increased the income a bit, from 105-110 to 109-116, before a trade of hits and bad attacks that ended at 121-121 after an error by Leonard in the decisive shot. Mandatory extension.

In overtime and with Doncic fatigued, the Slovenian took over the possessions and Burke the pitches. Kawhi kept the Clippers in the game and threatened to put up a dangerous 3-1 in the tie, but Doncic calmed things down with a brilliant reverse on Reggie Jackson for 130-132 with 19 seconds left. The Mavericks caressed the 2-2, but Marcus Morris scored a triple that chilled the Texans’ blood: 133-132. With nine seconds to go, Doncic stretched possession all the way and from beyond seven meters he hit a majestic triple over the horn to win the game.

43 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists, with 58% shooting from the field and +11 with him on the court in the 45 minutes he played. And with the injured ankle, with the physios applying massages in each stop to extend his playing time.

He was already playing the Playoffs, but today Luka Doncic has written one of those pages that only the greats, the greatest in the history of the league, have been able to star.

2-2. Dallas lives.

Before unleashing the Clippers again, Doncic made peace with Montrezl Harrell, a rival center who in the last game had referred to him as ” fucking white boy .” The interior of the Los Angeles franchise received the warning, not sanction, from the NBA and the intense advice of their coach, Doc Rivers, and wanted to approach the Slovenian before the initial jump. They chatted cordially and shook hands after a controversy that should not leave the basketball court.

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