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Patrick Mahomes and the causes of the biggest contract in the history of the sport

The Chiefs quarterback, Super Bowl MVP, has reached an agreement with his team to renew his contract. He could collect more than 500 million in ten years and will surpass baseball player Mike Trout.

Last year, the outfielder Mike Trout signed with Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball ‘s biggest contract in the history of the sport: 426 million dollars for twelve seasons. A record at the time in a sport used to reach deals of much greater length than other sports, such as football and the NBA. Not surprisingly, the other major firms in American sports correspond to baseball players: 330 million and 13 years for Bryce Harper, 325 and 13 for Giancarlo Stanton, 324 and 9 for Gerrit Cole …

In the NBA , for example, the numbers per year may be similar, but no one signs for more than six years. Stephen Curry , without going any further, agreed in 2017 a renewal with the Golden State Warriors for 201 million and five years.

Now, in the midst of the global shaking due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world sports economy, a 24-year-old boy has passed all these athletes on the left and is on his way to signing the largest agreement ever seen in the American sport throughout its history. His name is Patrick Mahomes , he’s a quarterback and in two NFL seasons he has achieved the MVP of the season in 2018 and the MVP of the last Super Bowl . More than enough reasons to drive the leadership of the Kansas City Chiefs , the champions, crazy , who have renewed for ten seasons for a figure that will exceed, according to US media, the500 million dollars.

This is an unthinkable deal in the NFL, a league that rarely looks past five years and had running back Ezekiel Elliot , who agreed with the Dallas Cowboys until 2026, his longest contract. Mahomes’ will last until 2031. Five more seasons.

It just so happens that the same athlete who just beat four baseball players with mega contracts, put the sport aside in his sophomore year of college, despite being a star in high school, to focus on football, where it was seen with more future. He was even chosen in the MLB draft in 2014 by the Detroit Tigers, but Mahomes, the son of a baseball player, has never doubted his decision and has not considered changing sports. He now has more than 500 million more reasons to get on with football.

Mahomes is special. He has a unique style and generational talent, in a rather compelling comparison to the impact Stephen Curry has had on the NBA. Two ways of understanding their sport that break the rules, drive fans crazy and create addiction. In Curry’s case, his media and sporting explosion was such that it forced most of the league’s franchises to focus efforts not only on trying to defend him, but also on getting figures like him . This is how basketball has expanded beyond the three-line, and young outsiders, like Trae Young , are becoming more and more like Curry.

Mahomes will achieve the same in the NFL. The league already lived with a player with a talent and a special style, Aaron Rodgers , but Mahomes will revolutionize everything. The skills he had for baseball have been transferred to football in a brilliant way, with a right arm capable of throwing in almost any position, fooling the opponent and moving away from the classic mechanics of other quarterbacks.

He spent his rookie year sitting on the bench, impressing his teammates in practice but hiding from the public eye. The following year, in his first three games as a starter, he threw 900 yards for 13 touchdowns and no interceptions, the great fear of the coaching staff. The Chiefs won those 3 games and knew they had their franchise quarterback in front of them.

Passes without looking, with the left, far away in the race and with defenders on top … It might seem like luck, but no. “I practice them, yes. I know that there are chances that I can do them in a game,” he explained. After losing to the Patriots in the conference final , this year Mahomes, injured for a few weeks, got back in shape for the Playoffs. He was instrumental in the conference final against the Titans and led the Chiefs’ incredible comeback to the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

The young man’s environment, who launched the Chiefs to their first title in 50 years , is now working to turn his good numbers on the field into excellent data on the bench. The first step, the mega-contract with the franchise, looks like that. Once confirmed, it will be time to work on the global image of the next NFL icon , Brady through.

Brady’s move to the Tampa Bay Buccaners and the arrival of rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to the Miami Dolphins has upended the jersey sales rankings, but Mahomes was already in the top spots before that. The quarterback, the youngest in history to win a Super Bowl MVP, has acknowledged having LeBron James as a mirror of what an icon athlete should be.

He already has agreements with Oakley, Adidas and State Farm , in addition to several contracts with local Kansas City companies, including a private jet company that has helped his family, who live in Texas, see all the games live. his team.

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