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The new Apple Watch does not include a charger

Until now, the Apple Watch included in all its versions a 5-watt power adapter with USB-A output

The new Apple Watches will be the first Apple devices (not counting accessories like AirPods) that will not include an electrical power adapter in the box, a decision that could be repeated when the iPhone 12 is introduced next month.

Until now, the Apple Watch included in all its versions a 5-watt power adapter with USB-A output, the same that Apple uses in most of its iPhone. The models announced today, however, no longer include this adapter. Not even the Series 3, which is still on sale and included it until last week.

In the box, there is, obviously, the magnetic charger with a one meter USB connection to which the watch is connected to charge but users will have to use a USB charger that they already have at home to connect it to the wall socket.

“In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Nike do not include a power adapter,” the company explains on the web.

The notice includes a link to a page where Apple explains that it seeks to make its entire supply chain carbon neutral by 2030.

For most users, this will not be a problem. In many homes, there is a multitude of USB-A or USB-C power adapters that have been included with most consumer electronics products over the past few years. Since USB is a standard and the power requirements of the Apple Watch are not high, either of them is used to connect the charger of the device.

For those who need one, Apple sells the model that until now included in the box, with 5 watts of power, for 25 euros, but there are also much cheaper alternatives in many stores.

Still, it is a decision that may irritate some users, especially considering that the company’s products tend to have a high price.

Apple continues to include power adapters with iPads and its computers. But these devices require more powerful adapters to charge and simpler chargers may not be enough.

Several analysts have pointed out that the 2020 iPhone, which could be announced in October, will follow the same path as the Apple Watch. It will include in the box a USB to Lightning cable – the connection that Apple uses in its phones – but not a USB power adapter for the plug.

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