An error by Kepa and a red one speed up Liverpool’s victory in Thiago’s debut

After an even first half, Christensen received a red after grabbing Mané, who was going to take advantage of a bad start by Kepa and unbalanced the game. The Senegalese got a double taking advantage of an error by the Spanish goalkeeper.

80 million.

Every pound that has cost Kepa Arrizabalaga to the Chelsea resonates strongly at Stamford Bridge for too many months ago. The Spanish goalkeeper faced Liverpool’s visit more discussed than ever and with the c closing the incorporation of Frenchman Edouard Mendy while the match was being played.

“The announcement will be next week, ” said the renowned Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano just as Sadio Mané crossed in a pass from Kepa to Jorginho and easily beat the Spanish to put a 0-2 that sentenced Chelsea.

The match was already uphill for the Londoners, with one player less since the end of the first half, but that failure of the goalkeeper just after the 0-1 dug the grave of the ‘blues’.

Chelsea came out to try to match Liverpool’s football proposal, and they succeeded at times during the first 45 minutes. The ‘reds’ dominated during some sections thanks to the vision of Alexander-Arnold and the electricity of Mané and Salah, but they did not see the door with much ease. Those of Lampard, crouched back and vertical to the counter with Havertz and Werner, their new faces, were able to get ahead in several arrivals of the German attackers, but they were not successful.

The local midfield made up of Kanté, Jorginho, and Kovacic seemed at times superior to Klopp’s Wijnaldum-Keita-Henderson, which is why the German coach sent Thiago Alcántara to warm up after half an hour of play.

The Spanish midfielder knew that he would take to the field in his debut with the obligation to change the tonic of the game and filter balls to Mané, Salah, and Firmino, a circumstance that the ‘red’ team was not found. What Thiago did not imagine is that it would be easier than it seemed.

At the edge of the break, Mané went ahead of Christensen on a long ball and, faced with Kepa’s doubts at the start, forced the Danish defender to miss him. The Senegalese would have arrived before the central defender and the Spanish goalkeeper and would have been alone in front of the goal. Light red after revision of the VAR and I find it unbalanced.

It was the perfect excuse for Klopp, who took advantage of the intermission to change Henderson for Thiago and gave the Spanish gallons, who began to distribute the game. In one of the first plays, a good wall between Firmino and Salah would end in a center that Mané headed to the net. 0-1 and one more men.

Liverpool began to amass possession, to press Chelsea‘s ball out and to manage spaces, aware that ‘blue’ fatigue would end up leaving a gap in their defense or causing an error. Thus came the 0-2. Kepa received at the feet and his attempted short pass to Jorginho was intercepted by Mané who, inside the area and without opposition, sentenced the crash. An error that could cause the substitution of Kepa, who was no longer the “ideal” goalkeeper for Lampard, and that with this could see his position at the club compromised.

From that second on, both the meeting was sailing in the eternal possessions of Liverpool, with Thiago as master of ceremonies moving the attack at will. The ‘reds’ could expand the account but failed to hit. And they even went through some fear when Alcántara, also a protagonist in his own area, made a mistake and took a penalty to Werner that, luckily for the Spanish midfielder Jorginho, he sent into the hands of Alisson.

Liverpool adds two out of two and leaves Stamford Bridge confident, yet to include Diogo Jota, who has just arrived from the Wolves, in their rotation. Chelsea, meanwhile, falls in the first important test of their new project, but on a date that will be marked with an asterisk due to the expulsion of Christensen, Kepa’s error, and the absences of their new signings: Ziyech, Thiago Silva, and Chilwell.

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