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Among Us: this is the new game that triumphs on mobile phones (and so you can download it)

The collaboration and betrayal game that takes two years after its launch thanks to the game broadcasts on Twitch

If August was the month of Fall Guys, September seems to have become the month of Among Us, a game available on Windows, iOS, and Android that is sweeping the world two years after its launch. The servers have gone from supporting between 30 and 50 players in the beginning to up to 110,000.

The peculiarity of Among Us is that its games for between four and ten players combine collaboration and backstabbing. Thus, most of the characters will have to work with each other for good, while one or two will be impostors in charge of ending the rest. The fun, of course, is that only traitors will know that they are.

The action is set in a spaceship. In its challenges will appear that the good side must complete and complicate the team of chaos. Doing evil makes everything complicated and, in this way, it is easier to kill each of the opponents who do not know they are. Are you the enemy? Let it be.

As soon as a corpse appears (or if an emergency meeting is called) a voting system opens in which each player can ‘nominate’ who they think is an imposter (or no one if they are not clear about it). Whoever has the most votes leaves the Academy, but instead of Eurovision, on their way to outer space. Among Us will reveal their affiliation, how many impostors are left, and if there are still traitors, the game will continue with the same mechanics.

At a graphical and playable level, it is a very simple game: two-dimensional screens and a mechanic that only asks to touch (or the classic WASD on the computer) where we want to go and what we want to do (Q to kill, space bar to use and R to report a murder on PC). Actually the game takes place in the chat window in which excuses, alibis, stabs are given and lies shamelessly. Let them tell Ibai Llanos and Courtois.

This is one of the keys that has made the Among Us ship ‘take-off’: it is as much fun with strangers as it is with friends. And it’s also perfect for streaming live on Twitch, where it has quickly become the new phenomenon … after two years of waiting. Of course, it seems that it has been worth it since there is already a sequel announced.

To download Among Us on mobile you just have to find it in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store (or follow the links that we have so conveniently placed). In both cases, it is free, although it has advertising and purchases within the game.

In the case of Windows, the game is paid: 3.99 euros on Steam and open price (a minimum of five euros, yes) on the official website .

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